Integrating/creating a group

Changing dimension

A  commercial concept, specific products, an international clientele are all roads to the development of the company in several entities, located in France and/or abroad.

Thémis will assist you in creating a group of companies, by selecting a suitable form, among the great variety of legal forms which exist (franchises, concessions, commercial agencies…).

A company’s integration into an existing group of companies also requires adapted advice in order to control the legal and financial agreements and their implications for the company’s existence

Thémis advises the managing director and his collaborators and drafts all of the instruments necessary for setting up the group (commercial contracts, tax statements) and its legal organization (registration of branches, creation of subsidiaries), financial organization (cash agreements, fiscal integration, shareholders’ loans), as well as its social organization (employment contracts for management staff, staff secondment, placing employees at another company’s disposal, collective representation of personnel...)

A company’s integration into an existing group also requires the customized advice of an attorney in order to determine the legal and financial agreements and their implications on the company’s existence on the managing director’s professional assets (the evaluation of the respective companies, the subscription of shares with a view to a capital increase, company mergers, consultations and the implementation of agreements pertaining to the personnel…).

Thémis intervenes at the stage of the negotiation of these agreements and their materialization by drafting the necessary legal instruments.
Thémis also performs all the legal and fiscal formalities involved in reorganization (modification of the companies’ commercial names...)

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