Choice of the status of the chief executive or manager

The right choice of the chief executive’s status

Contemplating all aspects

The managing director’s status must be well chosen.  It depends on a certain number of variables, such as the general manager’s state of health and age, his desired remuneration, his personal assets and taxation, the company’s objectives in terms of conveyance or development, membership in a group or network of companies, etc…

Thémis provides you with advice which corresponds to your wishes and drafts all the necessary instruments, from the minutes of shareholders’ meetings to employment contracts, with attention to coherence and efficiency with the company development plan.

From the simple delegation of powers to company mandates, including the possibility of combining them with an employment contract, or the supply of services, it is crucial that the company be managed in a serene, efficient manner and that the managing director’s remuneration or that of the chief executive be secured.

It is essential to ensure the serene, efficient management of the company and to secure the remuneration of the managing director or chief executive

Thémis also makes certain that the issue of any temporary or permanent incapacity or the death of the managing director or of the « key man » is raised and anticipated from the moment of the company’s creation by taking out all adequate insurance and the conclusion of all property rights agreements between the shareholders (for example: shareholders’ agreement governing the compensation of heirs in the event of death or the maintaining of wages in the event of incapacity).

Certain particular set-ups may be proposed (holding company) with, if necessary, the implementation of  confirmatory rulings with the competent administrations.

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