Company Articles of Association-Registration formalities

The drafting of company Articles of Association

An act which must be entrusted to a lawyer

At the stage of the setting-up and creation of your company, it is particularly important to entrust the drafting of your company’s articles of association to a professional, whether it be a commercial company, a civil law partnership, a joint venture, or even a holding or de facto company, as is common among self-employed professionals in particular.
Thémis can advise you and have a lawyer draft and certify articles of association adapted to your planned undertaking.

The goal is to deal with the issues involving property, to carefully organize the company’s internal and structural functioning at all the stages of its evolution, whether it be annual decision making, or spot decisions such as loans to be taken out for an investment, the entry of a new shareholder, or the anticipation of events such as death from the standpoint of the rights of spouses and heirs, or simply the repayment of advances made by the lending shareholders.

The Articles of Association constitute the cornerstone for organizing powers and managing relations between shareholders and the first legal document which is enforceable against administrations to justify the company’s existence and structure.

The articles of association constitute the cornerstone for organizing powers and managing relations between shareholders

Articles of Association drafted by an attorney may be relevantly supplemented by an extra-statutory agreement or a shareholders’ agreement drafted by an attorney, and also aimed at inserting any particular and/or confidential agreements among the shareholders, concerning in particular the Company’s technical and financial management but also the company’s withdrawal commitments in the event that certain events were to occur (for example, the end of the technical functions, the breaking-off of commercial relations between shareholder partners…).

Draft articles of association will often be requested of you in support of a request for bank financing for a business plan. The plan must be prepared in correlation with your financial forecasts and be adapted to your personal situation.
Thémis can also handle all the administrative formalities for registering the articles of association and the company (publication, entry into the Trade & Companies » Register…)

1.An instrument drafted by a lawyer is a private instrument which is countersigned by the attorney who has drafted it to guarantee that he has verified the parties’ identity and has informed them of the consequences of their commitments with a view to ensuring the effectiveness and preservation of the legal instrument

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