The Acquisition of a Company

Investing in a company

Securing and maximizing an investment

From the choice of the company through an broker, down to the drafting and signing of the deed of sale, Thémis accompanies investors, whether they be neophytes or experienced investors, based on their knowledge and particular wishes in the process of purchasing or investing in a company.

Because buying or investing in a company, regardless of its nature (commercial, professional, artisan, but also real estate…) comprises risks, but is theoretically a source of income in the short and/or long term, on the condition that one is well advised at all stages of the process.

Buying or investing in a company comprises risks but is also a source of income in the short and/or long term, on the condition that one is well advised at all stages of the process.

Evaluating a company and its assets with a view to its acquisition is not simply a matter of performing an accounting analysis of the company’s balance sheet; a true analysis must be performed in order to detect possible legal, administrative, or social difficulties.

In this context, and in conjunction with the company’s other consultants, Thémis proposes to perform a certain number of social, fiscal, accounting and legal audits, the latter of which comprises rental and real estate aspects, as well as a review of the company’s intellectual property (trademarks, logos…) and any pending litigations and disputes.
The purpose of these audits is to then propose a calendar and procedures for the acquisition in order to ensure the serene conveyance of the company and efficient future management for the buyer.

The choice of the buyer’s social and fiscal status and the protection of its private assets require particular attention and must be anticipated.

If the acquisition is collective, the firm is also called upon to recommend, negotiate and draft all agreements (extra-statutory agreements or shareholders’ agreements) between the shareholders, concerning in particular the company’s technical and financial management but also the company’s withdrawal commitments in case certain events were to arise (for example: the end of the technical functions, termination of commercial relations between shareholder partners…).

Lastly, Themis drafts all the deeds of sale and performs all the appropriate registration, publication and taxation option formalities. Lastly, it issues in a timely manner the fiscal certificates permitting tax reductions for the investor in certain cases.

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